USA's Serena Williams poses with her trophy in Central Park, New York on 10 September 2012.

Why we love Serena's serve AND her style

Tuesday September 11, 2012 - 17h02

Serena Williams has done it. As on Sunday, the tennis power house became champion of the US Open.

Add that to the fact that her victory also makes her the winner of this summer's Triple Crown after nailing Wimbledon and the Olympic Gold earlier this season.

Not bad.

Did we mention that this is her 15th career Grand Slam?

And as if that was not triumph enough, the mere fact that Serena is alive is amazing-- never mind winning. Serena is back on the court after battling both a serious injury and life-threatening illness.

In essence, she is a player who embodies the Women's Tennis Association campaign "Strong is Beautiful. " Want to know why ? Here are our TOP reasons why we love her strength, serve and style.

1. She's had hard-won glory

We'll cover the strong before we tackle the beauty. In essence, it has been a hard road to glory for Williams. In July 2010, she cut her foot on a piece of glass in a Munich restaurant in a gash so severe that it needed 18 stitches.

As if that wasn't bad enough, in February 2011, Serena survived a pulmonary embolism and hematoma.

2. She splashes colour on the court

Serena is a colourful character to say the least... and she does not leave fashion behind when she steps on the court. One of her bighest statements was when she wore a catsuit at the US Open in 2002. In 2004, officials refused to let her play in knee-high boots. She has also been known for warming up wearing a white trench coat.

3. She's at home on the red carpet

4. Also a fan of the red carpet, Serena was also the subject of much discussion when she wore a dress with a sheer, nipple-baring top to the premiere of the film "After the Sunset."

4. She's got a good heart

As if she isn't busy enough, Serena recently opened a school, the Serena Williams Secondary School, in Matooni, Kenya. Of all her amazing achievements, she says that this is her proudest. We love that, too.

5. She's got nails to die for... and she does them herself!

We told you that she keeps busy! Here is another little-known fact about Serena. In early 2010, Williams became a certified nail technician! She did this to get ready for the launch a nail collection with HairTech.

Just check out those powerful hands gripping the raquet and you'll see her fine work!

6. She never stops

Serena shows nothing is impossible. Did we mention that she wrote a book? That she has a TV series in the works? I know... over achiever much?

7. She loves her sister

Venus and Serena are quite the duo. As international tennis stars, the girls have faced off in 23 professional matches. What we like is that they can compete and still shake hands afterwards. That's true sister love. There's no cattiness there. After all-- girls are all the better when they stick together.

8. Serena knows that strong is beautiful.

Hey, it's hard to be a girl sometimes, especially in a world with unrealistic expectations. But Serena shows that she can make her own impossible dreams and standards possible. And she can love herself, her muscles and her curves all the way.

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