VIDEO: Jessica Alba's hip-hop style

Thursday August 02, 2012 - 09h00

Since the release of the 80s classic "Dirty Dancing" more than twenty years ago, dance movies have been as popular on the big screen as burgers at a barbeque. Following Johnny and Baby's debut, we saw an influx of American films, including "Save The Last Dance", the fantastic "Step Up" series of films, "Hairspray", the "High School Musical" series, and, of course, the dance film parody, "She Knows".

Forget the 70s, we think it's fair to say that the past few decades have been all about dance fever!

A corker of a film

One of the most charming of these flicks was the 2003 movie "Honey" starring Jessica Alba. The film tells the story of a kind-hearted but street-smart music video choreographer.

She's got a heart of gold and devotes lots of time to mentor troubled but talented kids. Honey also has dreams of her own. She thinks she has it made when suddenly her own mentor tells her if she doesn't sleep with him, she will be blacklisted within the industry.

Hip-hop style

Jessica's character is feisty and strong, and she has great style. We see her rock a variety of cool looks in the film. Through most of the film, she wears her wavy tresses down with her trademark fringe but she also adds a headband to the mix and tries out an awesome twisted ponytail. She also rocks them blown-straight too.

Honey is comfortable in her own skin, and although we see the odd glimpse of her looking overwhelmed as her career progresses, she is a pretty confident chick. Her character favours a street style get-up with crop tops, hipsters, T-shirts and dancer's leggings. Her make-up is pretty natural, too; she wears natural foundation, a touch of eyeliner and generally sticks to nude lipgloss.

Sweet as anything

The music is catchy, the dance skills are impressive and the level of humour and banter works perfectly. Honey is adorable with a touch of attitude and an all-round inspiring character. This is definitely one of our favourite street dance films, and the man candy doesn't hurt either.

Great place for style tips

Dance movies are always a great place to look for style tips, 'cause let's face it, they tend to have some awesome hairstyles and outfits. So it's worth checking out this flick, if only for inspiration.

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