VIDEO: Chila Lynn's Cuban rhythm

by Susana Dona - Thursday September 20, 2012 - 09h00

Singer Chila Lynn's soulful sound is seducing the Spanish-speaking world.

Interesting because this young Cubana sings in perfect English.

Mark our words, the young muscian is from the island better known for sexy salsa music will soon be coming to a radio station near you.

Tell me more

Chila, also a talented pianist, clearly commands the attention of the whole room when she plays. Head thrown back, her afro bobs as her fingers dust the keys and a sweet smile plays across her lips.

Don't let the little smile deceive you, Chila is master to her powerful voice.

That force coupled with catchy pop-soul style make her easy to sing along to and hard to forget.

Spanish critics have lauded Chila's powerful voice and her signature style. Her first album, "Real Woman," is a real gem.

A message for real woman

The message of Chila's title song from her new album is refreshing and powerful in a world of stick-thin covergirls and new albums marked with "This Man Beats Women" (that would be Chris Brown.)

Chila, on the other hand, sings about about a man on the hunt for a Miss Independent-type.

"He hopes to find someone new tonight,

in an ideal world this is how she'd be...

she doesn't always have to dress up,

she don't wear make-up 'cuz she carries herself too well."

She continues to describe this real life woman:

A woman who doesn't "read magazines full of photoshop telling her how she should be."

Cuban Style

As for Chila herself?

You couldn't photoshop a smile so genuine.

Chila is obviously happy when singing and her enthusiasm is catching.

Chila's afro, à la Diana Ross, speaks volumes to her style (to use an appropriate turn of phrase). It fits with her retro sound and paired with her enormous Latina hoops, makes for a rhythmic accessory to head bobbing.

From Havana to Madrid

Chila began her love affair with music at a young age and the blossoming musician attended a conservatory. Her classical training can be seen in the clips that show her at a piano. She looks utterly at home.

Chila's years of hard work have paid off, landing her a prime spot in the Spanish charts.

And we are guessing that those poweful vocals will soon be crossing borders. We certainly hope her message does.

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