Tom Felton and his girlfriend Jade Olivia Gordon attended the screening of Therese at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival on 7 September 2013.

Tom Felton and girlfriend Jade Olivia Gordon: Matching outfits for TIFF

Tom Felton and girlfriend Jade Olivia Gordon: Matching outfits for TIFF

by Kathy Saunders - Monday September 09, 2013 - 15h00

Tom Felton, still best known for playing Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, and his girlfriend might be one of the most riduclous yet adorably coordinated celebrity couples around. For the Therese screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, the pair turned up rocking matching Burburry Porsum outfits.

While Jade Olivia Gordon probably wins in the style stakes with her rubber-effect dress, Tom wasn't looking too shabby in his plum suit either.

The question is: did they take the whole matching couple thing a bit too far?

Well, after seeing the likes of Sienna Miller and her fiancé Tom Sturridge indulging in complimenting (not totally matching) hats, perhaps Tom and Jade got their red carpet look just right in Toronto.

On the other hand, we've all seen those couples sporting matching jackets in middle age so perhaps this is the start of a slippery slope for Mr Felton and his better half, regardless of the designer labels and messy-chic hairstyles...

What do you think?

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