Paul W.S. Anderson is seen here wearing a bright multi-coloured manicure...thoughts?
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The male mani: love it or hate it?

Monday August 27, 2012 - 16h00

All eyes are on Paul W.S. Anderson's artistic talent at the moment, but the Geordie director has also been the feature of much attention for another, more unlikely reason...

No new phenomenon

It started with our man borrowing our hair straighteners, then for some it was eyeliner and lipstick. But the latest male cosmetics trend seems to be... nail varnish! We first saw Johnny Depp and David Beckham sporting it earlier this year, but this time it was Paul W.S Anderson's turn to give the look a go.

At the "Resident Evil: Retribution" press conference in LA on 26 August, the film director and husband to actress Milla Jovovich was showing off a funky multi-coloured manicure, matching his rock t-shirt for a calm, cool and collected casual look.

Gender equality!

With the appearance on the scene of male-only nail varnishes, it's hardly surprising that this trend is on the rise. After all, if us ladies are allowed to accessorise our nails, why shouldn't our men do it too?

Let's be fair about it, we're often stealing styling ideas from their wardrobes: boyfriend blazers, boy-fit jeans, tomboy haircuts... So, good for them! We should be flattered that they love our style so much!

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