<span>Singer Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Pique attended the presentation of the book 'The Wind and random' written by William Mebarak (Shakira's father), in Barcelona on 14 January 2013.</span>
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Shakira: glitzy pregnant style

by Kathy Saunders - Tuesday January 15, 2013 - 15h30

Shakira has always been pretty and when she attended her dad's book presentation in Barcelona on 14 January she looked more radiant than ever. The gorgeous singer, who was inspired to write by her word-smith father, William Mebarak, was happy to support him in his latest endeavour "Al Viento Y Al Azar" (At Wind And At Random), whilst being heavily pregnant.

Pregnancy glamour

The "Hips Don't Lie" singer hasn't revealed how far on she is but she wasn't letting it stop her from looking glamorous. The blonde bombshell hit the red carpet hand in hand with her BF footballer and we just loved her black outfit. The sequin-clad top complimented her baby bump and made her blonde locks stand out. Speaking of her hair, we just loved her loose glossy curls!

Her all-black ensemble was well co-ordinated with a touch of sequin chic, which is a great look for a night out, pregnant or not. It was glamorous yet understated and a great way to show off a new hairstyle.

Shakira's inspiration

Shakira has revealed that she used to watch her dad writing stories on his typewriter when she was little and eventually followed in his footsteps. She wrote her first poem "La Rosa De Cristal" (The Crystal Rose) at just four. She was given her own typewriter for Christmas when she was seven and progressed from writing poems to writing songs.

At this stage of pregnancy most women would be putting their feet up and giving into their cravings be met but Shakira is preparing to move house and appear as a judge on "The Voice". Glamorous, hardworking and talented, what a woman!

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