Adidas NEO Label signed Selena Gomez as Global Style Icon in Los Angeles on 20 November 2012.

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Selena Gomez photos: Adidas NEO Global Style Icon... like Justin Bieber

Wednesday November 21, 2012 - 12h15

Selena Gomez may have just broken up with (ex) boyfriend Justin Bieber but now she has already entered into a serious relationship! Simmer down, dear readers, we're talking about the fact that she just signed as a Global Style Icon with Adidas NEO Label.

That's cool... and weird. Because Justin Bieber signed as a style icon with them a month ago.

Damn. In Celebrityville, an advertising contract you signed with your honey before you broke up is just as much of a break-up hangover as... say, the lease you signed together or the parakeet that you bought together and christened Charlie.

You can just imagine the promo people at Adidas sinking into chairs and pouring themselves stiff drinks once the end to the era of Selena and Justin declared itself. Poor guys. There was probably A LOT of rescheduling to do... and no more his-n-hers Christmas style campaigns...

But then again, the rumour machine is already up and running and some sources say the duo are back together.

I think I'll call Adidas. We can just have another drink and wait for these darn celebrities to figure stuff out.

Style Icon

Despite all of this awkwardness, Selena was looking absolutely put together as she has in all events on the red carpet and off since the break-up.

Justin, on the other hand, had to bring his mom for support to the red carpet. Just kidding. They are actually close and he brings her around a lot.

ANYWAY. Selena looked cute and casual in a low-key make-up look: eyeliner, mascara, a touch of pink lipgloss and a soft grey manicure. She was showing off great winter style with her luscious locks peeping out from a snuggly knit cap. Wearing lots of power beads (poor thing needs some good energy), several gold chains and a large sequinned skull tee-shirt, Selena was quite bling, a style she (still) shares with Justin.

Whether or not we'll be seeiung Jelena anytime soon is anyone's guess. What you can be sure of is that you'll see Selena and Adidas NEO until at least 2015.

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