<span>Miss Universe Olivia Culpo posed at the chilly game held in Yankee Stadium between the infamous Yankees and the Red Sox in New York City on 2 April 2013. </span>
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Miss Universe Olivia Culpo: style at the Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees baseball game

Friday April 05, 2013 - 09h00

Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo shot a red-lipsticked smile whilst posing at the Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees game at Yankee Stadium on 3 April 2013.

The beauty queen-- unlike some stars -- was wrapped up warm for the chilly event, wearing a beanie and a fuzzy coat. Thank goodness she had sense enough to opt for weather-appropriate fashion and leave behind her recent showy (and chilly) fiery red leather look.

While the cold continues, Olivia is admirably continuing her commitment to fashion and making sure to keep that smile plastered on her face no matter how low the temperatures drop. Her bright lipstick is a bold hope for spring! But we are sure that, just like us, she'd be much happier to have worn a cut-off team jersey to the game, basking in the sunshine and howling at the outfielders. She is probably fantasizing about summer days when she can run around in a crop top and sandals, just like us.

But, dear friends, just like Olivia, we must be strong, and we must hold out. After all, the Red Sox have been holding out since 1935 to start the season with two wins against the Yankees (the current score of the year is 0-2 and Soxers are elated.)

One day, spring will come. Right, Red Sox?

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