Olivia Palermo wore dark eye make-up at the Burberry show at London Fashion Week, London on 17 September 2012

It's ok, Olivera Palmero

Tuesday September 18, 2012 - 13h30

Olivia Palermo followed Fashion Week across the Atlantic, trading in her New York style for something more London.

The American actress, model and socialite has been popping up everywhere at both fashion weeks.

In London, she has been looking lovely with low-key looks (except for the neon shirt she paired with patterned trousers for the Unique Catwalk Show).

But she's let her hair hang loose to her shoulders and kept her make-up simple.

Until the Burberry show.

For this event, Olivia decided to try out the intense eye make-up trend, à la Eva Longoria/Nicole Richie/Naya Riviera.

She outlined her soft eyes in dark kohl, blackened her lashes with mascara and applied soft brown and purple shades of eyeshadow all around her eye socket. She made her eyes stand out even more by slicking her hair back into a sleek, wet-look low ponytail.

The look certainly made a statement and it looked alright from some angles. But paired with her skinny figure hunched into a brown jacket, the make-up made her look a bit more like a rather cold and sad little ghost doomed to haunt Kensington Gardens. That, or like someone had given her two black eyes. Jetlagged much?

Instead of the usual post-Olivia-Palermo-sighting sentiments ("I want that skirt/look/shoes she is wearing!"), we just wanted to give her some soup and tea and a blanket and tell her, "Olivia, honey, no one will think any worse of you if you stay in from just one of these fashion shows."

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