Help, I'm going to watch a tearjerker movie, what make-up should I wear?

Help, I'm going to watch a tearjerker movie, what make-up should I wear?

by Marie Hazet - Wednesday September 19, 2012 - 16h32

So I finally started phase 2 of my relationship: going to the movies with the Boy. I left the choice of movie up to him, and surprisingly enough, he went for a drama. I quite liked the idea of watching such an emotional masterpiece with him (I was prepared to see an action-packed movie with special effects), but I realised that it was going to be a very vulnerable moment indeed...

I'm a sensitive girl, and one who reacts accordingly to classified tearjerkers. Then again, I am one of THOSE girls who cry in front of reality TV...

So instead of settling for having mascara streaked on my cheeks and foundation dripping everywhere, I decide to arm myself with the big guns: tearjerker appropriate make-up.

Yes, it is possible to go to the movies with your honey and stay well made-up to boot!

Here's how:

Opt for light makeup:

There's no need to apply ultra-glamorous make-up, you are only going to the movies! Go for light, natural make-up style.


Use a liquid foundation. To avoid traces of tears on your cheeks, forget the loose powders and blusher.

The look:

Goodbye eyeliner, hello kohl pencil and waterproof mascara! They are your two best friends in sudden displays of emotion, basically because they won't budge.


Anything goes!

However, do not bite your lips, as you may find your teeth chock full of lipstick...not exactly your most glamorous moment.

Now all you have to do is sit back, or snuggle up, and enjoy your emotional rollercoaster of a movie night!

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