The catwalk models brought a rainbow of colours to a grey day in downtown Paris during the Galeries Lafayette's "World's Biggest Fashion Show, 3rd Edition" at Galeries Lafayette in Paris, France on 18 September 2012.

Even Paris gets colourful

Wednesday September 19, 2012 - 20h05

Oh la la, the colour craze continues across the channel to Paris and as London Fashion Week draws to an end, Paris Fashion Week gets ready to kick off. What better way to do warm up than in a sea of colours at the biggest fashion show in the world?

A rainbow of colours

Paris has long been known as one of the fashion capitals of the world. It's classy, it's romantic but it is a little bit drab this time of year. But thankfully, the designers at the Galeries Lafayette's World's Biggest Fashion Show further hammered home the concept that autumn is the new summer with an array of bold colours, floaty fabrics and floral prints. The models' cheery threads created a rainbow of colour against the dreary grey sky and dismal weather as more than 400 of them strutted down the runway outside the Paris Opera yesterday.

Hot pants, in autumn?

There were hot pants, platforms and miniskirts and some models rocked this season's other favourite, big hair. All the models who took part were amateurs who were selected through an online casting and they all put together their own outfits.

Galeries Lafayette marketing director Anne-Marie Gaultier said: 'Fashion has a real role in today's society of letting people express their personality, their belonging to a given group, etc. Fashion is not futile, it is extremely important, which is why we will continue doing this fashion show and making fashion accessible'.

Get colourful

The good news is that we can brighten up our autumn days with colourful clobber and big hair! Who says autumn is all dull prints and knitwear? Certainly not Galeries Lafayette. So ditch the trench coat, abandon the beret and fling on your florals and platforms. This is autumn, but not as we usually know it!

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