Ombre waves, fuschia lipstick and neon were at centre stage at the Nylon September TV Issue Party hosted by Lea Michele on 15 September 2012. One happy participant was actress Christian Serratos.

Christian Serratos' Girls Gude to changing your look

Monday September 17, 2012 - 15h25

Something about Christian Serratos' three crazy different red carpet looks over the weekend convinced me that the young actress was REALLY good at sneaking out in high school.

Let me explain.

It was something about the ease with which Christian took on a completely different persona for each red carpet event. I can just imagine her being the absolute dancing queen on a Saturday night and arriving cleaned up, prim and proper at church on Sunday morning.

Christian started the day looking like a straight-A high school student (definitely a cheerleader) at the Variety Power of Youth event. Later, with her quiff, ombre hair and fuschia lips, she looked just about as cool as the hottest blogger of the minute at Nylon September TV Issue Party hosted by Lea Michele. Finally, with her polished waves, she looked like any red carpet pro the next night at the 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards.

Ever-constant eyes

Weirdly enough, upson closer inspection, Christian achieved these three very different looks WITH THE SAME EYE MAKE-UP. Check it.

She started with a light and shimmery smokey eye-- using a base of sparkly beige, adding a bit of shimmery white in the inner corner and blending in a darking brown into the outer corner. She extended the shadow under her eye. Then, simple thin black eyeliner outlined her eyes and she curled and mascara-ed her lashes to perfection.

It's in the lips

One of magic ingredients to Christian's fantastic changes came in a discrete little tube. We're talking lipstick.

If we've said it once, we've said it 500 times. Girls, it is in the lipstick.

When embodying elegance, Christian went with a delicate nude lipstick. When playing Christian, the high school good girl, she went with a frosted gloss reminiscent of the Smacker's we all had. And when becoming Christian, the stylista, she whipped out a glossy and trendy fuschia.

Hair helps

Of course, Christian Serrato also changed her hair up a lot over the weekend. Her high school look was complete with blonde hair blow dried straight. Her elegant red carpet look featured side-swept waves, a retro classic and soirée staple.

And Christian's Nylon look featued-- what else?-- a quiff and ombre waves (made a part of the uniform of the blogger/Nylon crowd by Alexa Chung.)

What this says

Take Christian's busy weekend as evidence of what YOU can try out this week. Beat the Tuesday slump with elegant waves. Use fuschia lipstick and a quiff to show up Wednesday. And get your good points before the wild weekend by taking on a good girl look for Thursday and Friday. Don't get stuck in the one-look rut. Go girl, go!

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