<span>Actor Chris Pine attended the 'Star Trek Into Darkness' press conference at Nicofarre on August 13, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. </span>

Chris Pine: hot Captian Kirk from Star Trek Into Darkness

Tuesday August 13, 2013 - 19h00

What can we say? Captain Kirk makes our hearts melt. There is something about actor Chris Pine (who plays the Captain in the upcoming film Star Trek Into Darkness) that just does it for us. We feel that way every time we spot him at a premiere, at a press conference or anywhere else. We definitely felt that way when we spotted him at a recent press conference in Japan.

Chris was with co-stars Zachary Quinto and Alice Eve (who we are infinitely jealous of).

So, what is his magic formula?

Ingredient 1: The hair

Chris' hair is longish, but not shaggy. It is messy, but not unkempt. It's not slicked back, but it does look like he recently ran his fingers through it distractedly. Which is adorable.

Some masculine styling products can keep a guy's hair in order without making it look gelled to the max! It looks like Chris is an expert in the looking-good-without-looking-like-you-try department.

Ingredient 2: The scruff

Once again, Chris hits the perfect balance. He doesn't look boyishly clean-shaven but he isn't a lumberjack either. Instead, he's got that scruff going on that just makes him... perfect. Sigh.

Throw in that little grin and those sparkling blue eyes and you'll see why he's so darn attractive. We'd definitely follow him into darkness....

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