Robert Redford in a scene from the film "All Is Lost" by J.C Chandor. This film is part of the official selection for the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.
Cannes Film Festival 2013: All Is Lost by J.C Chandor-- official selection

Cannes Film Festival 2013: All Is Lost by J.C Chandor-- official selection

Saturday May 11, 2013 - 20h00

This year's edition of the Cannes Film Festival is soon upon us (it runs from 15-26 May, to be exact). One film on the list for the official selection is J.C. Chandor "All is lost," which will be presented during the festival (though it won't compete for a prize.)

American director J.C. Chandor is most well-known for his film "Margin Call" in 2011.

The film

This film is a bold retake on a traditional lost-at-sea adventure story. A lone man is crossing the Indian Ocean in a sailboat when he runs into trouble, which spirals into disaster. Will he survive one trial after another sent in his direction by the sea gods?

The film is shot without dialogue and it's on the shoulders of the lone actor to keep us watching. It's a good thing they chose...

The cast

Acting legend Robert Redford, age 76, is an international star. Who else could manage this difficult role but an actor of his caliber?

Why we want to see it...

Last year, "The Artist" was the talk of the town at Cannes. The black and white film was made to be a silent movie in the old-fashioned style. "All is lost" is definitely a different type of story, but it will certainly be interesting to see another film without dialogue, relying just on the brute strength of the actor at it's heart. It's a bit of a parallel, actually. One skilled seaman struggles to survive while one skilled actor struggles to carry an entire movie. Will they manage?

You'll have to tune in to see. While your at it, check out other films that will be at Cannes, including "The Immigrant" and "Grigris" and more.

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