We had a chance to chat with actress Freida Pinto, who is also a brand ambassador for L'Oréal Paris, during the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes 2013: Exclusive interview with Freida Pinto

by Marie Hazet - Thursday May 16, 2013 - 08h46

This morning was packed with glamourous and impressive actresses. We began the day speaking to Julianne Moore, who told us about her first appearance at the festival as a L'Oréal ambassador in an exclusive interview.

Our next stop was an interview with actress Freida Pinto, who happens to be a Cannes L'Oréal veteran. That doesn't mean that she is any less busy, however. We squeezed an interview in during an afternoon packed with interviews, hair appointments, dress fittings and, yes, a little bit of beauty sleep.

But despite that, Freida was gracious and flashed a big, genuine smile. Her smile was what really made her sparkle, though he perfectly matched dress definitely helped things! All of this made us eager to know more about her... and her beauty secrets!

Are you ready?

Celebrity Red Carpet (CRC): What are the beauty products that you can't live without?

Freida Pinto: A good kohl pencil and a great mascara.

CRC: Do you have any beauty tips that you would like to share with us?

Freida Pinto: When picking a foundation for yourself, pick something that is very true to your natural colour. For example, if you have darker skin and you go for a lighter shade, you'll end up looking grey, so be very, very careful about picking the right colour. And take professional help, if you can!

Also, if I can try it directly on my face... I will, I'll never try it on my hand. The colour on your hand is completely different from your face!

CRC: How do you prepare for the red carpet?

Freida Pinto: I try to finish my interviews well in advance to go and take a nap! I need a little, twenty-minute pick-me-up to get back on the red carpet and be fresh.

CRC: Oh, I'll try to be quick then so you have time to get your beauty sleep! What advice would you give to women to help them to feel beautiful every day?

Freida Pinto: Just don't get pressurised by people who tell you how you should look and how you should dress. Take the good advice, but don't take the negative criticism that comes from people. Like, "Oh, have you put on weight?" I hate when people say that, especially when they know someone is trying to lose weight. Be encouraging. Don't go buy magazines blindly and think, just because this is a trend, I should follow it. Don't just follow it. Find a way of making something your own and you will feel beautiful, confident.

CRC: What does the Cannes Film Festival and your role as a L'Oréal Paris ambassador mean to you?

Freida Pinto: It's a great thing because it celebrates film, it celebrates glamour, style, fashion and all of that. L'Oreal is an extension of the whole glamour industry, as well. So, it picks three or four actors to come and represent their brand each day. For us-- we are all actors, we act for a living, but to go out there and show this different side, which is also very much part of the film industry, is something that we do with a lot of pride.

We're happy to do it. We also try to keep whatever we put out there on the red carpet true to us.

The Cannes Film Festival is honouring Indian cinema with a series of special events. What does this mean for you as an Indian actress?

Oh, I'm so happy that this is happening and at a time when there's a lot of independent films and young film makers who are making such amazing films. When their films come over here and get recognition, it's easier for them to get the recognition back home in India. This is important especially because our country has not entirely understood the marketing of independent films. It's a very new area for them, so I feel that with Cannes giving them that kind of boost that it's probably going to help change things as well.

Keep posted for more news from Cannes, we'll be covering it until the last star goes home on 26 May. In the meantime, check out Freida's gorgeous first appearance on the red carpet alongside her L'Oréal Paris colleagues.

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