British singer Azealia Banks rocked super long hair at the 2013 Life Ball on 25 May, 2013 in Vienna, Austria.

British singer Azealia Banks rocks a wolf suit at the 2013 Life Ball

Sunday May 26, 2013 - 12h00

Every year, the Life Ball brings together celebrities in Vienna, Austria for a wild night of fundraising for AIDS research. Indeed, it is the biggest charity event in Europe supporting people with AIDS or HIV. On 25 May, 2013, guests included Carmen Electra, Fergie, Hillary Swank and Roberto Cavalli.

British singer Azealia Banks was on hand to perform and wow the crowd with her quirky get-up. In essence, her look was a twist on a fairytale. We're talking Rapunzel hair and the Big Bad Wolf conquered and made into a crop top outfit. (Note: some people said it was a cat suit... so it could be Puss in Boots.)

Azealia wasn't the only one rocking legendary get-up. Singer Adam Lambert looked like Aladdin and 78-year-old Barbara Eden was in full I Dream of Jeannie get-up.

The Big Bad Wolf meets his match...

You may not be able to get away with wearing a wolf suit (or catsuit, whatever) at the concurrent Cannes Film Festival, happening not-so-far-away in the French Riviera right now. But the Life Ball is a different sort of event and Azealia DID go for a wolf suit.

A fairytale beauty look

So what beauty look goes with a wolf suit? Well, obviously, something else out of a fairytale! By that, we mean Rapunzel hair. Is Azealia the latest star to get hair extensions? Her long waves certainly reached Rapunzel-like lengths during her performance. Popstar Selena Gomez recently got hair extensions, as did Vanessa Hudgens. You might not want extensions yourself, but you can encourage your hair to grow by using good products on it and giving it nourishing oil masks.

Finally, to finish off her look, Azealia went with a very natural makeup... a good idea to balance out the rest of the look, which was, definitely busy.

But it was right on trend for the Life Ball. Full of life, colour and fun!

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