First there was ombre hair. Then, there were ombre dreds... spotted in the metro in Paris.

Beauty blog: Ombre dreads... do you dare?

Wednesday October 24, 2012 - 09h00

Ever since the look hit the trend scene, we've been writing about ombre.

Ombre hair was first, then there was ombre with colour (otherwise known as dip-dye). Now there is ombre curls, ombre lips, ombre nails and ombre pancakes.

Ok, maybe not the last one.

But what DOES exist now are ombre dreadlocks.

I spotted this ombre dread wearer in the metro... and it was such a clash of it-girl and grunge that I decided it merited an article.

Daring to dread

Dreadlocks are one of the most identity-forming looks you can take on. Assume dreadlocks and you are also assuming a whole list of associated ideas- be it hippy, rebel, free spirit, roots or rasta.

Dreadheads are expected to have a sense of political awareness and a sense of rebellion. On the other hand, some dreadheads have given their locks the chop because they say it is hard to find a job when you are "wearing" a look that says defiance.

In short, even if dreads are THE trend in certain circles, you immediately get the connotation of being someone who goes against the trend.

So what does it mean when someone whose look says "I go against the grain" comes into contact with a full-on trend?

My analysis

I could mull over this paradox for a long time, but my thought is that the dreadhead I spotted has never heard of Alexa Chung or her oh-so-trendy dip dye.

I bet that this style man dyed his hair as such to once again assert his defiance to norms, even within the world of dreadlocks. As looks go, it stands out.

I can attest, it's certainly eye-catching.


I let myself get carried along by the trend tidal wave and I ombre-dyed my hair a month or so ago (read about my experience in this beauty blog entry). But I soothed myself by saying that, if I didn't like it, the dye would soon fade and my hair would quickly grow out.

Dreads aren't like ombre hair or smokey eyes. Smokey eyes are over as soon as you want them to be and ombre hair only lasts a few months. But with dreads, once you start the process, you are sort of locked into it for awhile. It's the nature of the game, after all.

I don't think I'll ever be ready for dreadlocks-- dreads just aren't me. Choosing your hair, make-up and style are about projecting a canvas of yourself. I'm messy, I'm romantic and I'm lots of other things, but I'm not a dreadhead. And that is ok. I'm all about diversity.

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