Anne Hathaway posed on 10 December 2012 in New York for an event for her film "Les Misérables".

Anne Hathaway, Keri Hilson, Charlene of Monaco...: 5 short haircuts to copy

Wednesday January 23, 2013 - 14h45

This season, short is trendy. Lots of stars are chopping off their locks and going for a short cut.

There may be lots of us who dream of doing the same... but will we dare? It's 2013, people. If you don't dare now, you never will.

To make it a little easier for you... we've chosen five styles to steal from celebrities. Five cuts and five different ways to totally tranform your style this year.

Anne Hathaway: why copy her cut?

Anne Hathaway keeps her boyish cut perfectly straight-- the result is utterly chic, styled and sleek.

Keri Hilson: why copy her cut?

If you want a really rockstar look, look no further. Keri's choppy, highlighted look is perfect for someone who really wants to make a stylish statement.

Charlene of Monaco: why copy her cut?

Charlene can rock a number of styles with her cut: she can do hair brushed back, her hair lightly mussed and a million other different things. It's also ultra-easy maintenance... and she should know, she's a former swimmer!

Ginnifer Goodwin: why copy her cut?

Paired with Ginnifer's doll-like make-up, her boyish cut is softened. Ginn shows that short can still be feminine.

Michelle Williams: why copy her cut?

Michelle Williams may have a rather classic style, but this stylish cut brings a bit of dynamism to her look.

Convinced yet? Well you should be. 'Cause short is in... don't be left behind for long!

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