Alex Hepburn: meet the London-based soul singer

by Kathy Saunders - Monday October 29, 2012 - 10h00

If you're anything like us, you might not have heard of new London singing sensation Alex Hepburn.

But when I stumbled across her as the opening act for Lianne La Havas in Paris recently, I was, quite frankly, blown away.

This girl has one soulful set of lungs on her, that's for sure.

Goosebump time

Everyone in the room was talking, drinking and generally not paying too much attention to what was happening right in front of them. Then, Alex started to sing.

Funnily enough, it all went quiet. Alex Hepburn pretty much cried out the lyric "I don't need this love" and everyone was hooked.

"Pain Is" is a heartfelt declaration of, as you might expect, pain. But hard as the song might have been to write, it was so very easy to listen to.

I was still humming "Pain Is" days after the show, proving that Alex Hepburn isn't easy to forget! Music is a powerful thing... (a bit like Twitter).

The whole performance was a pretty stripped back affair. Alex Hepburn had just a guitarist and a drummer on stage with her, adding to the intimacy of her performance, if brutally honest tales of heartbreak weren't quite intimate enough.

This girl is going somewhere

You can download Alex's eponymous debut EP from iTunes right now if you feel like it, it came out in June and has gone a long way towards getting this girl a fraction of the attention she deserves. We'd also advise you to watch the video above in its entirety.

In the clip, Alex is just chilling out and goofing around with some pretty hunky male friends and for some reason, she's wearing a parka. She's singing her heart out, yet the video still has a light tone... heartbreak is just plain horrible so it was nice to see that things don't have to be too serious all of the time.

Alex Hepburn is one you watch, mark our words!

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