A model was photographed on the catwalk during the Philip Treacy fashion show, held as part of London Fashion Week at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, UK on 16 September 2012.

A hat revolution at London Fashion Week

by Kathy Saunders - Monday September 17, 2012 - 14h18

Forget trilbies, boaters, beanies, berets and bowlers... it's all about big shapes and crazy designs at London Fashion Week right now. Phillip Treacy is starting a headgear revolution with his Spring 2013 collection.

They wont keep the rain off or serve any useful purpose, but these hats are just fascinating to look at...

Overthrowing the boring-hat brigade

We loved the playfulness of these 'hats'; one model went all "Blue Peter" with a white ship, complete with many sails, towering above her.

Another had her head encased in what was essentially a green box. A lot of the hats moved, such as the one that made the model look like an illuminated helicopter. Then there was the circus hat, complete with Ferris wheel!

"Those pretty hats always make you stand out in a crowd"

Amongst the collection was a huge smiley face perched on a model dressed like a "Thriller"-era Michael Jackson.

In fact, there was a distinct MJ theme running through this collection, with lots of leather jackets and fierce facial expressions from the models, even the one that looked a bit like a sheep...

I want you baaaaaaa-ck.

Not for everyday wear...

One of our favourite pieces from this collection was not entirely dissimilar to the flowery contraption that Lady Gaga wore as she attended this very same show... only there were no flowers involved.

The piece we're talking about was like a bejeweled balaclava, only without the face holes. We're not entirely sure how the model made it down the runway and back again... if she could see anything at all, she probably felt like she was inside a kaleidoscope.

Putting the fun back into fashion

These wacky creations are colourful, beautiful and, in many cases, gloriously impractical... exactly what high fashion is supposed to be! But the word that best sums up this collection is 'fun'. As we said... one girl had a circus on her head!

All that remains to be said is hats off to all the models, none of whom bumped into anything!

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